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Offering 7 courses (listed below) with hands-on learning material.
The courses listed below ran at Several community colleges in Southern Ontario from 1994-2002. Since then they have been offered on-line.


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Bud Hawkins

   Author/Creator/Instructor of these Courses. He has spent 40 years honing his craft in the construction industry.

   He’s now passing his skills on to you , for your benefit. Go to Bookstore, and Founder's link for more information about him.


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1st Course $300.00
Additional Course $250.00 (contact us)


Construction Estimator I

This course introduces you to the role and responsibilities of a Construction Estimator. The course also covers the necessary company practices and the critical function of the construction estimator on a construction team. The preparation and procedure for setting up a tender document for a construction project are fully covered.

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Construction Estimator II

This course in intended to guide a student through a proven method of quantity surveying and estimating. This will aid the student in determining material quantities and unit cost for a complete project. This course will be of interest to those individuals wishing to learn about construction estimating in a commercial environment.

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Construction Site Superintendent

From excavation to construction safety procedures, jumpstart your career in construction supervising with this program that covers motivation, dealing with architects, subtrades, construction team management, job meetings, site planning, settling disputes on site, purchasing and rentals, construction safety methods on site, monitoring cost controls, and the hiring and layoff of staff

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Project Manager

Construction Project Management is a demanding field with emphasis on priorities, and decisions; understanding construction contracts and how to run and finish a project on time.  This program describes the workings of a Project Manager on a construction project from start to finish with office practices and critical functions pertaining to the company and the project

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General Contracting

Essential to the success of a construction project is a comprehensive understanding of scheduling and coordination of the construction phase in addition to leadership, teamwork, construction contracts, construction safety, construction estimating, construction project management and the implementation of a construction strategy that will ensure a project completed on time, within budget and consistent with the designer’s vision

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Construction Manager

The Construction Manager is the top person on the project.
He/she must have experience in all aspects of the project from the bottom (excavating) to the finish (the turn over to owner’s).
Besides all of those aspects, he must also deal with the architect, designer, planning dept. (s) committee (s) sub-trades, suppliers, estimator (s), project manager (s) superintendent, and last but not least owner (s).
Therefore, he must have a vast experience in the construction industry to qualify for the position of a Construction Manger.

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