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Construction estimating

The Construction Estimator   -   250 pages

This is a must have book to have in every place of business or for your home library for quick reference, etc.

This book contains all 3 levels of the Estimator‘s  Roll in the Construction Industry

Continue to Scroll Down and view the 3 Levels of Construction Estimator that are contained in this book:

Construction Estimator I
This course introduces you to the role and responsibilities of a Construction Estimator. The book also covers the necessary company practices and the critical function of the construction estimator on a construction team. The preparation and procedure for setting up a tender document for a construction project are fully covered.

Learn To:

1. Explain what it means to be a construction estimator.

2. Collect the information required for the preparation of a tender document.

3. Prepare and process a cost sheet.

4. Discuss the qualifications required to be a good construction estimator, including company office practices and procedures for putting a tender sheet together.

5. Review plans and specifications.

6. Serve effectively on the team as a construction estimator with emphasis on priorities, projects and decisions.

7. Perform the essential tasks of a construction estimator.

Construction Estimator II

This book in intended to guide a student through a proven method of quantity surveying and estimating. This will aid the student in determining material quantities and unit cost for a complete project.

This book will be of interest to those individuals wishing to learn about construction estimating in a commercial environment.

Learn To:

1. Determine material quantities and unit costs

2. Read plans and locate sections

3. Estimate quantities and cost of concrete, formwork, steel, site work carpentry, etc.

4. Develop a total cost of a structure

5. Demonstrate accuracy and detail required in construction estimating for Divisions 1 - 16 of the CSC/CSI Master Format Construction Specifications Canada

Construction Estimator III

The major objective of this book is for students to learn to work in teams to review specifications, take off quantities, and prepare bid forms for large construction projects. This book will be of interest to those individuals wishing to learn about construction estimating in a commercial environment.

Learn To:

1. Work with a team of experienced estimators without confusion and lost time

2. Determine the cost of labour and material units for a large project

3. Develop a total cost with your construction estimating team in preparing a bid

4. Understand quantity surveying

5. Know how to read working drawings, abbreviations and symbols

6. Understand techniques, structures, productivity and basic construction estimating from the viewpoint of a general contractor

. Set up and cost out a summary sheet

8. Take over an unfinished construction estimate for an absent estimator and understand what has been completed

9. Understand accuracy and detail required in construction estimating